How To Take Care Of 4a 4b Natural Hair

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These shampoos detoxify the hair and clean it thoroughly to eliminate any type of residue. Once you’ve got the perfect wash and care products for your type 4a hair, make sure to only wash it two to three times per week, depending on how you style it.

Identifying 4a, 4b, 4c Hair The Curly Mystery Solved

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How to take care of 4a 4b natural hair. As long as you keep it moisturized, use protective styles, and stick to products with a medium to strong hold, your hair will stay healthy. Since shampoos tend to wash natural oils out from your hair, 4c hair would end up drier and drier than it originally had been. When combing, do so in sections.

Type 4a hair is coily or tightly curled hair that can look coarse but is actually very soft and delicate. This is extra important for 4c girls because the tight curl pattern of your hair can cause hairs to curl and coil around each other, causing tangles. As a result, type 4a hair stretches better, leaving more room for styling than the rest of type 4 hair.

You can use an oil if your hair is particularly dry. They will work to penetrate the hair shaft and will guard against breakage. Use the right styling tools.

They will work to penetrate the hair shaft and will guard against breakage. Now that you know how to give your 4a hair the care it needs, here are some great ways to style it. Using the best natural hair growth products for black hair and type 4 hair is essential.

The best oils for 4a natural hair care are coconut, jojoba, jamaican black castor, avocado, and almond. Use a silk or satin bonnet or pillowcase. To take care of natural hair, avoid using harsh shampoos that contain sulfates and try to limit washing your hair to once per week.

Make sure you cover your hair with a scarf at night to protect it from damage. Like all other type 4 hair, type 4a hair is kinky and dry, with its texture packed in tight coils. In particular, it assumes a distinct “s” shape, which means that type 4a hair texture is not too densely packed.

Because 4b and 4c curl types are so similar in shape (the only thing that changes between the two is density and coarseness), most women who have one curl on their head will have the other. Moisturize as you go for optimal results. 4b hair is drier and more prone to breakage than 4a, so it’s crucial to use treatments for strength and moisture.

Its top concerns are maintaining moisture, avoiding tangles and counteracting shrinkage. Type 4b hair is suitable to wash and go styles, although it needs a little more work than 4a to define your curls and prevent shrinkage. Hair care recommendations for 4b naturals.

The last step in your 4b wash day routine is to moisturize your hair and lock it in until next wash day (ideally). Whether you are a novice naturalista or natural hair maven, who has been at the natural hair game for years, decoding your hair texture is vital for healthy hair growth. To help you achieve your ultimate hair goals, thousands of women with glorious coily crowns shared their handsdown best natural hair products of all time.

Certain hair products work with a 4a curl pattern in properly defining and moisturizing their hair, that would not work with someone with a 4b curl pattern. If you aren’t plopping your 4a hair after you wash it, you’re missing a trick. This is also why most hair products targeting the white community will not work for african americans with natural hair.

With this comprehensive guide, you can take care of your 4a hair type the right way. If you’ve got an oily scalp, you can increase the amount to suit your hair needs. 4a hair may need to be moisturized every day or every other day.

Unlike the rest of type 4 hair, however, type 4a hair has a curl pattern that is more clearly defined. Handle your hair gently your type 4a hair is actually very delicate and prone to tangling. Because it’s more delicate than 4a hair, it can also benefit from protective styles.

Type 4a hair type has lots of tight coils and forms an “s” pattern when stretched. Clarifying or purifying shampoos serve to perform a deep cleaning of the hair. 5 stunning ways to style your 4a hair 1.

Using curl defining cream after washing it will help you form more defined curls. This prevents frizz and lengthens the lifespan of braids. The right comb is key to perfect 4b curls.

Though coily hair seems robust, it’s actually the most fragile hair texture because it has the fewest cuticle layers to protect it from dryness. If your hair feels weak or lacks elasticity, use a protein conditioner to strengthen the hair follicles and prevent breakage. After washing the hair, apply a moisturizing conditioner to restore hydration.

Once you understand the dominant hair texture on your head, whether it's 4a, 4b, or 4c coily hair , you can begin to establish the natural hair care plan that works best for. It is very common to also have 4a curls mixed in as well. Cantu, shea moisture, olive oil, and many other products have ingredients that cater to natural hair better than products like equate, suave, or other chemically processed products.

This way, you can avoid hair breakage and loss of strands. Ensure that you detangle your hair gently by running your fingers through your hair or using a detangling comb. Coconut oil works well for adding moisture while you shape your curls because of its ability to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike most oils.

It is crucial to follow a 4b natural hair regimen if you have 4b hair. Tangles lead to breakage, which hinders growth. Protein conditioners should not be used regularly only when needed.


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