How To Care For Natural 4c Hair

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This moisture technique will help your 4c natural hair seal in moisture. We’ll also be talking about the best products for low porosity hair, and finally answering the question about whether you’re supposed to do protein treatments on low porosity hair or not!

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How to care for natural 4c hair. The foundation of 4c hair is moisture so our first tip is deep condition. If you need to dry or straighten or curl your hair, just do it sparingly because your hair already naturally dry, your 4c hair is inclined to have a coarse texture when damaged by heat. Caring for 4c can take a lot of effort, but the benefits are worth it.

Braiding your hair before going to bed is considered as a method to lock in moisture overnight. 4c hair is very delicate and breaks easily. Once the natural hair movement became more popularized and everyone was big chopping and posting numerous youtube videos, i started investing in better products and learning the proper ways to care for my hair.

Treat your hair before shampooing with coconut or castor oil to help them maintain their natural oils! For 4c hair, dixon recommends shampooing every other week, to help offset the dryness that can come with shampooing more frequently. Deep condition every single time you wash your natural hair.

However, the below recipe will also help. 4c hair is vulnerable to tangling and matting, if not properly taken care of. How to care for 4c hair many black women have type 4c hair.

So how do you address the unique challenges (and enjoy the unique beauty!) that come with 4c hair? Since shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils and 4c hair is already known to dry out quickly, it’s best to avoid washing your hair with shampoo as much as possible. Moisturize your hair every day.

4a, 4b, and 4c natural hair. Well, before we delve into that, let’s talk about the best hair care routine for your 4c natural hair. They assume it's dry even when it's very moisturized because 4c hair in it's natural shrunken state doesn't fit their image of what moisturized natural hair should look like.which is usually small curls with shine.

The trick is a natural hair regimen that keeps your hair healthy. Should i wet my 4c natural hair every day? Even if you chose to cut corners, always make sure to deep condition.

However, there is no need to heavily saturate your hair with any type of moisture on a daily basis. These misconceptions are what i aim to destroy every day with my platform. Follow all shampoo and deep conditioning treatment with the loc method.

The last step in your 4b wash day routine is to moisturize your hair and lock it in until next wash day (ideally). Even if you have low porosity hair, 4c curly hair needs to be kept moisturized. Type 4 natural hair is characterized by having tight, densely packed curls, coils or kinks that fall within 3 categories;

You will need 1 small, ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. 4c hair doesn’t retain moisture easily and dries out quickly, more so than other looser curl patterns. It has no definition after washing and shrinks as much as 80%, which means that four inches of hair can look like one inch in its natural state.

The extraction process is easy and can be done by following these simple steps. You should mist your hair with water every day or use a daily moisturizer and apply a sealant. Keeping your dry hair healthy and nourished with a daily moisturizing routine is essential when you’re trying to grow 4c hair.

The final hair type is 4c, which is similar to 4b in the way that the hair is densely packed. Braid your hair before sleeping: Type 4 hair has been notoriously known to be dry, brittle and extremely difficult to manage.

Coconut milk is extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts. You would be causing more harm than good. However, this type of hair experiences less definition and more shrinkage.

Select a product that’s not too heavy or greasy, and that won’t clog your scalp’s pores. How often should you wash your 4c natural hair? An effective homemade deep conditioner for scalp care is made with avocado and aloe vera.

The most important thing for your natural hair is (and always will be) moisture. Doing the wrong things, can lead to breakage, stunted growth and unhealthy hair. Those recipes also apply to help curb dry, itchy scalp on natural hair.

Here are 7 tips from naturall club. It can shrink up to 75%. 4c hair is pretty hard to mange and quite fragile too.

Having the right hair care routine for your natural 4c hair is so important! Diminishes protein loss from the hair. It is a major step in 4c hair care that provides the balance of protein and moisture your 4c hair needs.

There's so much good stuff swimming around in the formula—including almond oil and shea butter—that will keep your 4c hair feeling super hydrated and happy. 4c hair is prone to a fair amount of shrinkage. Minimizes hair loss and dandruff.

Benefits of coconut milk for the hair. Unlike 4a and 4b, type 4c hair has no discernible curl pattern. People also assume 4c hair doesn't have versatility.

This is entirely up to you. This will help your 4c natural hair seal in its moisture. 4c hair dries out pretty easily, so when looking at products, always ensure that they either give your hair moisture, or they help your mane lock in and retain moisture.

The kinks and coils of 4c curls prevent the distribution of sebum (natural oil produced by your scalp) throughout your hair. Just work it into your wet hair and. Restores dry hair and scalp.

In this article, we’re going into detail about the best hair care regimen for low porosity hair, no matter its curl pattern, but especially for 4c hair!

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